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To serve our members by facilitating business development, promoting tourism and visitor direction and presenting information that supports responsible business growth in our community.

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Investing in your Business

The Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce is a nonpartisan, nonreligious, diverse, inclusive, and equitable member-based 501(C)6 nonprofit organization. Serving Grass Valley and the greater area business community since 1910, the Chamber unites hundreds of business and professional firms, nonprofit organizations and individuals, to champion business advocacy in support of economic security and vitality. As an active participant in civic engagement, the Chamber collaborates with governmental leaders, other chambers, and community partners, working to achieve sustainable, resilient economic development, and a vibrant, robust community. 

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What does the Chamber do?

The Chamber is a membership association, consisting of members from every segment of the community. The mission of the Chamber is to promote responsible and balanced economic growth and provide quality service to our members. Additionally, the Chamber operates a visitor and tourism center. Our office is conveniently located at 128 East Main Street in historic downtown Grass Valley. The Chamber and Visitor Center is a relocation information center and markets and promotes the community as a tourist destination. The Chamber monitors proposed state and local government legislation and informs the membership through regular communication via our weekly newsletter.

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What is a Chamber of Commerce?

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How does it work?

The Chamber’s success is achieved by its members’ involvement. The governing body of the Chamber is its Board of Directors. The Board consists of 11 individuals elected from the membership. It is the responsibility of the Board to establish the policies of the Chamber and develop the Program of Work each year. Working through Chamber committees, members help accomplish the goals of the Chamber. The CEO and a professional staff manage the day-to-day operation, administer the Program of Work for the Chamber and assist the Chamber and community members. In addition to staff, the Chamber relies upon volunteers assist in running the Visitors Center.


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