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Two ladies exiting Book Town Books, one turns to the other and exclaims, “I’m so glad that we came in here!”

Nicole Dillard of An Inner Sanctum invited me to Booktown to acquaint me with the independent co-op and its 14 booksellers.

As we toured Booktown’s first floor labyrinth of nooks and crannies Nicole explained that originally, the building at 107 Bank Street, was a Salvation Army office and store, replete with apartments on the upper floor. Later it became a drug store with an old-fashioned soda fountain, a Day Spa, and in 2005, it became the home of the Booktown cooperative.

Booktown Books is an. The following are profiles for booksellers selling their wares at Booktown Books. Each Bookseller has their own booth in the store that displays their special genre of books. Every book is coded and priced by each bookseller. Note: some dealers will buy books from walk-ins. Call the store before coming in and talk to the dealer working that day. Also, book requests can be left in the “book request” book on the front counter.


Having grown up in a home where every surface was covered with book, I am an unabashed bibliophile, totally smitten with the written word. I was impressed by the variety of subject matter, and the comprehensive collections. History, Fantasy, Si-Fi, Gardening, Sewing, Crafts, Novels, Cooking…ART! If it has been written, chances are that you will find a copy of it at Booktown.

Did I mention First Editions and highly collectable Rare Books? If you are in search of the entire leather bound Small Set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, it’s there! Homage to Wassily Kandinsky in excellent condition with the color and black and white lithographs intact…..


and it was Book is an immense wonderland. Walk through the door into wonderland The main floor is laid out in sections representing each bookseller and showcasing their genre or collection. those sections are bookcase after bookcase, creating nooks and crannies featuring a wealth of genres to delight.

create a labyrinth filled from top to toe with everything from the current paperback rendition of bestselling authors to First Editions and collectible versions of every topic you might imagine!

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