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DIGIGIG Program due to start in FEBRUARY




There was a time when Nevada County workers needed to be close to their place of employment.  During the Gold Rush, being close meant a short walk downtown or horseback ride to and from the mines.  Later, being close meant traveling a few miles by automobile, streetcar or bus.

Today, however, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s possible to sit at home and work full-time or part-time via the Internet.  Physical distance is no longer an obstacle for finding a better job and greater income.

Yes, telecommuting has been around for a few years and several local residents have found meaningful employment with national and regional companies without leaving home, but three enterprising Nevada County residents have taken online employment to its next logical level.

Late last year, Nevada City resident John Lorance of Great Hires–Bay Area, Heather Furby from Creative Arts Leadership in Grass Valley, and Machen MacDonald from the Grass Valley-based ProBrilliance Leadership Institute, brought their collective experience and skills together to create DigiGig.  (In other words, digital jobs).

The DigiGig mission statement will help explain what it is John, Heather and Machen want to do for this region: “DigiGig empowers people in rural communities to thrive in today’s economy by teaching professional-level digital literacy skills, mastery of modern communication tools, and personal productivity habits.”

In addition to these three inventive entrepreneurs, I’m happy to report that I am also a member of the DigiGig team, and that the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce will be coordinating the first pilot program when it begins in February.

Also, Quietech Associates, headed by Melissa Hannebrick and located at 309 Neal Street in Grass Valley, has signed on as a major supporter to host classes and workshops.

So that there’s no confusion, DigiGig has not been created to function as a computer lab teaching the basics of finding online employment.  Rather, it is a program designed to help computer-literate individuals enhance their skills while learning the correct and professionally polished path to securing online remote work.

Once you have completed the course taught by DigiGig’s staff, you will no longer be bound by traditional telecommuting with only one employer.  Instead, you will be able to freelance and connect with as many potential employers as you want for full-time or part-time work.

Today’s technology has significantly changed the way we work.  Project-based employment, contracting out work to remote staff, and a finer division of labor have created the foundation for a 21st century digital economy.  And the prospects are exciting.

This new way of working creates amazing opportunities for residents of rural communities to participate in the transformation of work while remaining in their own communities –– but first you have to understand the new rules of engagement.  Fortunately, DigiGig was born out of a need to make those new economic rules work for you, rather than against you –– for today and for the future.

We believe that being part of the emerging digital economy requires that you educate yourself about opportunities and adapt to the changes happening all around us.  With training and guidance, you can earn a good living and still enjoy the amazing cultural benefits and natural beauty of living in Western Nevada County.

When you enroll in the DigiGig program, skill assessment tools will help determine your readiness to engage in a variety of remote work opportunities.  The program will combine in-person workshops and curated online learning experiences so that you learn at your own pace while being part of a vital, local learning community.

Be assured, you will not be left feeling alone and overwhelmed with internet-based courses. In fact, you’ll have your own coach to help you identify your own skill gaps and identify additional learning courses to help bridge those gaps.

More information can be found by going to www.digigig.org.  And if DigiGig seems like the kind of learning program that will either enhance your current earning ability or launch an online career to match your interests and skills, give me a call at 273-4667 or email rdavies@grassvalleychamber.com.  We can discuss enrollment requirements and help get you involved with a new level of online employment opportunities.

The future is now.

Would you like to Learn More about the DigiGig Pilot Program?  The First Pilot is accepting 10 Applicants!

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