Mary E. Owens, ERC Past-Chairman

The Beauty of an Economic and Lifestyle Partnership

By Mary E. Owens, Past-Chairman

Nevada County Economic Resource Council,

The Nevada County Economic Resource Council (NCERC) is blessed with the multiple benefits of cultural and scenic beauty combined with a very attractive business environment. The artistic and experimental environment here welcomes and supports startup businesses as well as relocated companies.

Many of us come here for the art and culture and stay for the friendly, more balanced lifestyle. And we work hard to make Nevada County business friendly.

If you are interested in exploring relocating to beautiful Nevada County, let the Economic Resource Council assist you in your exploration.   It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or professional wanting to learn more or a soon to be retiree looking to escape congested urban living, we will guide you to the resources you need. Come experience the many positive benefits of living and doing business in Nevada County.

Economic Resource Council

The Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC) serves as a business development focal point for employers in Nevada County.

“In the 70’s, Grass Valley and Nevada City became global headquarters of the Grass Valley Group, a high-tech giant in the broadcast industry. The several thousand jobs that were originally created in the region spurred a tech explosion in Nevada County that has not been replicated anywhere else in the Sacramento region. As a result, Nevada County tech spin-offs dominate the economic growth alongside large, consolidated business parks, sophisticated infrastructure featuring enviably high data rate connectivity, and affordable housing in a family-friendly area.”
Lou Douros, North Yuke 

Below is a sampling of what’s happening in Nevada County.


We believe that creating an attractive environment for scalable ventures will create well-paying jobs and in turn increase the overall prosperity of the community.
There are a number of initiatives and partnerships in place to make this happen. When the economy thrives, everyone thrives.


You didn’t realize that there were 150 tech companies here? We have a small, but a steadfast community of tech companies in Nevada County.


CCA is Nevada County’s newest Technology Training Center. It is powered by local mentors who work in the technology industry and want to share our knowledge. We know from experience that the technology industry can provide vibrant and challenging opportunities to people in any location, not just in Silicon Valley