Nevada County Fall Colors are Brilliant!

Autumn is a very special time of year in Nevada County.  Fall foliage is most brilliant in Nevada County. The Victorian neighborhoods surrounding both Grass Valley and Nevada City provide an annual spectacle of color.  Towering Sugar Maples and Liquidambars along with other trees and plants provide brilliant hues beginning in early October and continuing through Thanksgiving dependeing on the weather.

Whether you want to drive or stroll through our historic downtown and other landmark areas or you want to hike through the surrounding Sierras, autumn in Nevada County is a splendid experience!

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict peak color weeks but they typically occur mid to late October.  You can check day-to-day by calling the Chamber office at 530 273-4667.

For a guide to local fall colors, throughout Grass Valley and Nevada City, download our Fall Colors Guide with the fall foliage maps of Grass Valley and Nevada City or view the local maps below.

Grass Valley Fall Colors

Brilliant fall colors can be seen throughout Grass Valley.  Leaves on the map identify some of the most colorful areas.  High points in town provide sweeping views of beautiful autumn foliage.  Empire Mine State Historic park, 1 mile southeast of Grass Valley, has wonderful color as well.



 Fall Foliage Map – Grass Valley

Fall Foliage Map – Nevada City

Nevada City’s fall colors can be enjoyed via a self-guided walking tour through the historic residential neighborhoods.  By car the tour takes about 15 minutes.  Many of these trees were planted by early mining settlers.