jerri-gloverJerri Glover of Nevada County Makes and Nevada County Does personifies the consummate business networker.  She has become a respected resource for others in our community through her authentic desire and clear vision to help others to be successful in their businesses.

Jerri grew up in Abilene, Texas.  She learned early how to adapt her skills to the opportunities at hand and to participate cooperatively with diverse people.    She went on to earn a BS degree and worked as a civilian employee with the Air Force, most notably on the Space Shuttle Recovery Team.

Jerri and her husband, Bill, moved to Nevada County in 2008 and created Nevada County Makes (NCM) in early 2010, launching the business at a Chamber Table Top Mixer in March of that year.  As Jerri explains, “Nevada County Makes is a community of local artisans and crafters that is more than just an on-line store.   After coming here, we began thinking about starting a business and asked ourselves what was missing in the community.  We loved the creativity of the local artists and crafters, and realized after purchasing an item that we often wished we had “gotten one more” because we didn’t know how to get back in touch with the maker.   We decided it would be great to be able to find creative folks and their work year-round and the idea of NCM was born.   It started as a website for 24/7 exposure and the makers themselves have turned it into a community and network of makers who support and educate one another.  Bill and I hadn’t anticipated the site would provide a focus for building the makers’ community.”

NCM provides many significant benefits for its 120 registered makers.  Not only does it provide an on-line platform for wide exposure of their products, NCM makes it possible for makers to more affordably participate in local art/craft venues through cooperation.  The company provides the supplies, equipment, and pooled financial resources necessary for display booths.  Makers can participate with just a small inventory and time spent manning their booth can be shortened.   As a result, some makers who had never participated in such events now have built the confidence, connections, and exposure to expand their cottage industry and even open store fronts.  Over time, NCM also has become a clearinghouse for Nevada County event coordinators.  Information about events from the local and surrounding areas finds its way to NCM and that information is shared with the Makers.

“Nevada County Does (NCD) was created when those who offer services and custom products voiced their desire to participate on a similar website.  NCD gives micro- and home-based business owners and service providers an opportunity for collaborative marketing and advertising and a portal website to their businesses.  NCD is a smaller community and Jerri and Bill have placed it “on hold” for the time being.  If/when the time is right in the future, they will explore bringing the services of NCD back to local micro/home-based businesses.

Jerri is also a Chamber Board Member, the Chair for the Board’s Recruitment, Outreach, and Retention Committee, and beginning in January, will serve as chairperson for the Ambassadors.  In addition, Jerri was elected chair-elect for the Board of Directors and will serve as Chairperson in 2015.  “Being an Ambassador is a superior networking tool to get involved in the Chamber and the business community.  It opens doors for conversations and has provided me with additional legitimacy as a serious home-based business owner.”  Certainly, Jerri’s involvement in the Chamber has helped her to expand her networking skills and her businesses as she continues to contribute to our community.

Jerri can be reached at  or at 530-2205-3104.