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Bent Metal Winery

Scott & Judy Brown - (530) 559-9533

14364 McCourtney Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949
14364 McCourtney Road Grass Valley CA 95949
Just a few short decades ago when I was a teenager (please don't call the cops), I was given a glass of BV Pinot Chardonnay . Then around the same time I had some BV Georges LaTour Cab. Wholly crap! this stuff was much better than the apple zapple or strawberry road that we were drinking in those days. While in my late twenties and early thirties, many were the times that my father-in law and I would sit drinking wine on a deck (any deck) and look out over a hill or open space (didn't matter where it was), and talk about how great it would be to plant a vineyard there or make wine there. Well, eventually I figured out that all we were going to do was talk about it. Sooo... In my late thirties I began making wine. Yep, bought a book from UC Davis. I barely understood it. I Bought a wine making kit too. Pretty crappy, BUT it solidified the notion that we were going to proceed down this road. Judy and I had the passion, the love, the desire and blind stupidity to work toward the day when we would have our own winery. Judy jumped in enthusiastically. Literally and figuratively. She looked at me kinda funny when I said “jump in this vat of grapes and start stomping”. She is the consummate assistant wine maker, able to do all operations required to make fine wine. Including drive the forklift! It is a team effort, and we would not want to do it with anyone else. I began taking classes at UC Davis. Since we were already seasoned wine tasting efficianados visiting countless tasting rooms, we continued to ask questions, look around, pay attention and were probably annoying. We learned it and loved it. Our wines kept getting better. A few years later, we sent a bottle of Cab Franc to the Amador county wine competition. We soon forgot about it until a month or so later Judy was out at the mail box cackling (as only she can). I asked what was so funny. She said we won an award! Since then we have received numerous wine making awards. We knew we were still on the right path. “Clink” Scott & Judy Brown BENT METAL WINERY (ya, there is a story)

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