History of NCCLI
Founded in 1996, NCCLI was developed after researching other community leadership programs, taking the best parts, and molding them to fit our county, our culture and our people. The program will explore leadership in a variety of ways and include foundations in ethics, vision, values, morals, trust and integrity. We hope you take this opportunity to be part of something special — the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute.

The Program


Lori Burkart Frank, current NCCLI Facilitator

The program begins with a two-day retreat in September that includes a reception with NCCLI alumni, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Council members. The program continues to meet one Friday a month for eight months (no meetings in December). The daylong seminars are held at the Sierra College-Nevada County Campus and some involve field trips to give class members an opportunity to see first-hand the issues, opportunities and challenges facing our County.
A Graduation Banquet is held the weekend following the last program session in June.
Topics covered during the course include:
•    Business, Industry & Economic Development
•    Land Use & Environmental Planning
•    Local Government
•    Health and Human Services
•    Education in Nevada County
•    Arts, Culture & Spirituality
•    Criminal Justice
•    Take A Stand

Who is the program for?
The candidates selected for the program will have an interest in and/or potential for leadership and will represent the public and private sectors of Nevada County. A screening committee will select 25 applicants who meet some or all of the following criteria:
•    current or prospective leaders in their employment and/or volunteer organization
•    newcomers seeking informed and rapid integration into the community
•    strongly interested in, and committed to, local involvement
•    planning to remain active in business and community activi-ties within Nevada County
•    willing to commit to the time required for the program
The Investment
Tuition for the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute is $750. Individual class participants are expected to pay at least $50, with their employer or sponsoring organization paying the remainder. Partial scholarships are available. Tuition for accepted program participants is due by prior to starting classes.


What Graduates Have to Say
“It would take years to gather the information and make the contacts that the leadership institute participants are exposed to during this course. It’s a ‘must’ for anyone taking a role in community leadership.”
Bob Breck
CEO & General Manager of Nevada County Broadcasters,
Class of 2001

“This is invaluable information. The opportunity to get to meet and spend time with community leaders makes my job so much easier. I gain perspective about my work, my life, my community and the world by having the opportunity to spend one day each month learning about what matters in Nevada County.”
Lori Burkart Frank
Class of 2003


“As a newcomer a few years ago who wanted to quickly become immersed in the issues and challenges faced by our community, I found NCCLI to be an outstanding source of information. This was a unique privilege that I heartily recommend to leaders who want to make a difference in their community.”
Paul Sieving
Class of 2000

“With so many varied and difficult issues facing Nevada County, I was very fortunate to be a part of the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute. The Institute gave me a balanced perspective on the issues facing our County. The program was a nice mix of lecture, field trips, discussion panels, and interactive exercises.”
Rick Haffey
County Executive Officer, Nevada County,
Class of 2000

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