“The School of Care is about teaching and supporting the skills and art of care from cradle to grave,” Una Kobrin MFT and acting director of SOC. We are held in the care of others in myriad ways from babysitting/childcare to end of life caregiving.  How can we raise these standards of care? How can we support those significant people who provide care. The School of Care has organized with this intention. Monday members of the School of Care, Red Cross partner representatives, Spring Hill Manor hosts and enthusiastic ambassadors of the Greater Chamber of Grass Valley, wrapped in red ribbon for the inaugural cutting of the new Nurse Assistant Training Program, which will begin January 27th 2014,    (those interested may contact  Annie Mikal, Training Coordinator, schoolofcare@gmail.com ). This program will provide meaningful jobs to our community. This is the first phase of a much more ambitious plan which will include other trainings: Home Health Aids, Certified Medical Assistant etc. as well as Continuing Education Units for professional health providers, in service trainings for long term care facilities, and when in their own building, will become a home to showcase the many extraordinary alternative health practices offered in Nevada County. School of Care’s intention is to be a sanctuary that teaches and supports the art of care.


If you are interested in participating in this vision please contact us, at schoolofcare@gmail.com, also visit www.schoolofcare.org  Our next general meeting is Thursday, October 24th 12 noon at Sierra Presbyterian Church.