Members At Work
Reed’s Locksmithing
By Julia Halverson


Keyed In!
Reed’s Locksmithing, located at 153 Joerschke Drive, is a locally owned establishment. Although unassuming, you wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall. Upon entering the parking lot, the first thing that caught my eye was the door, in the shape of a keyhole. This was only one among many charming aspects. Upon entering the building, everything is easy to find. There is a variety of items, all easy to find and affordable. I was greeted by Tanya Foster, an employee of Reed’s Locksmithing. I instantly felt at ease, and when owner Eric Groome arrived, the overall experience was very friendly and personable.

While Eric has owned the business for only two years, this business means a lot to him and those who employ their services. “It’s my livelihood, and it provides a good service…” Eric has not always had a career based around this business, however. Careers and interests can change vastly throughout one’s life. “… nothing really directly led me to this business. I’ve done a lot of technical type of things… which led me here,” states Eric, in regards to how he began in this business. Having graduated college with a degree in marketing, Groome added to that knowledge many aspects to this business, from the business standpoint to the technical side.

A person’s love and interest for a career is a large part of a business’s success and interaction with their customers, especially one that pertains to many people’s daily lives. To find your work engaging and enjoyable makes the experience even better for both the business owner and consumer. “I mean, it’s always something different. It’s solving a puzzle every day, whatever’s broken that needs fixing, how are we going to secure a certain door, certain property. So it’s the puzzle aspect, I think that’s what appeals to me, which has always appealed to me,” states Groome, discussing his motivation and love for his business. “It’s always different every day.” When employing Reed’s Locksmiths, whatever problem you may have, rest assured it will be dealt with diligently, and with care, by those who are passionate about the job they do.

While their business encompasses a wide array of services such as rekeying, retail, service of entry locks, deadbolts and safes, they are continually expanding as cars, houses, and other parts of daily life change. According to GreenTechMedia, electric vehicle sales have grown to 6.2% in 2018, almost double from 2016. “It’s ever changing… a bigger proportion of our business is automobile related, because of all the hightech keys now… a lot more electronics are creeping into security products, so I imagine that we will be more electronic based than we are currently, but still doing kind of the same thing,” replies Groome, discussing how he pictures his business will change and grow in the future. “Electronics, getting connected at home, if people embrace that… so far in this area, people haven’t really embraced that kind of thing here.” These innovations can affect companies of all kind, but Reed’s Locksmithing plans to adapt and embrace these coming changes. In a field like this, where your home, car, or other secure and personal items are involved, training and checking is an important part of this business. In order to qualify or obtain a license in this business, the individuals must undergo an extensive criminal history background check through the FBA and DOJ to be considered for a license.

“… You know, you’re either too busy or not busy enough. One or the other, there’s no in between… juggling the workload with the people we have.” Adapting and overcoming obstacles in a small business is another important aspect, especially for Reed’s Locksmithing, where it is only owner Eric Groome and employee Tanya Foster. This small business works thoroughly, and allows for a more dedicated and assuring experience with the people and workers involved. “Something needs to get done–I just need to do it–whenever it needs to be done, and however it needs to get done.”