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Steps to Prepare for Reopening

1. Check California’s Resilience Roadmap to determine what stage your business can open in. 

2. Have a COVID-19 prevention plan in place before opening. See resources in the tabs below for information by specific industry. County staff is working with local businesses to help create these plans. 

3. Use the Healthy Tool Kit for visuals and signs that can help educate your customers on best practices that will keep your business safe and healthy

The state requires that all businesses have a plan in place before opening. County templates provide additional tools to help businesses complete their COVID-19 prevention plans that are required by the State, but are not required to complete or use.

Requirements for Reopening in the Food Industry

State Guidance

Restaurant Reopening Plan and Checklist: A fillable checklist to help plan reopening

Best Practices for Restaurants: Best practices from the FDA to help maintain a safe environment for employers and customers

Signage for Businesses