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Grass Valley and Nevada City Area Trails

The forests and woodlands surrounding Grass Valley and Nevada City are full of many awe inspiring hiking, biking and equestrian trails. The Bear Yuba Land Trust is very happy to offer detailed maps, GPS coordinates and reviews of our exciting trails.

 Download a printable version of the map here.


BYLT_trails_reference_map_main1. Alan Thiesen Trail
2. Chicago Park Trails
A. Narrow Gauge Railroad Trail
B. Park and Walk Trail
3. Bailey Trail
4. Condon Park Trails
5. Empire Mine SHP Trails
A. Union Hill Trails
6. Kenny Ranch Trails
7. Litton Trail
8. Loma Rica Trail
9. Memorial – Empire Trail
10. Orene Wetherall Trail
11. Rattlesnake Ridge Trail
12. Cascade Canal Trail
13. Deer Creek Environs Trail
14. Deer Creek Tribute Trail
A. Deer Creek Tribute Trail East
B. Deer Creek Tribute Trail West
15. Hirschman Trail
16. Nevada City Airport Trails
17. Nevada City Cohousing
18. Nevada Co. Gov. Center Trails
19. Newtown Ditch Trail
20. Rotary Club Miners Trail
21. Snow Mountain Ditch Trail
22. Penn Valley Bike Trail
23. Western Gateway Pk-Fitness Trail
24. SYRSP – Bridgeport Trails
25. SYRSP – 49 Crossing Trails
A. Independence Trail West
B. Independence Trail East
C. Hoyt Trail
26. SYRSP – Malakoff Diggins Trails
27. SYT – Purdon to Edwards
28. SYT – Edwards to S. Yuba Cgd
29. SYT – S. Yuba Cgd to Missouri Bar
30. Spring Creek Trail
31. Round Mountain Trail
32. Scotts Flat Reservoir Trail
33. Lone Grave Trail
34. Humbug Creek Trail
35. Missouri Bar Trail

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