Upcyclers Inspiration CornerOur slogan says it all, no two days are ever the same here at your ReStore. So to ask what’s new at ReStore the only reply would be “come up and check it out.” We are blessed with such a generous community and our donated inventory proves it. What a wild array of doors and windows we have. The selection of furniture is outstanding with frequent donations of vintage and quality furnishings. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry can often be found here with such unusual designs and unique applications that could not even be found new at a Home Center. Appliances and lighting are also great selling departments because of their incredible value.

All of these Home Improvement items can be found at “pennies on the dollar” value here at ReStore with all proceeds directly benefiting our local home building efforts at Heritage Oaks. Nevada County Habitat for Humanity is currently working on home # 7 in a 16 home project known as Heritage Oaks near the corner of Whiting Ave and S. Auburn St in Grass Valley. Our mission is to build affordable housing in partnership with local families who qualify and every dollar spent at ReStore is a dollar closer to finishing a home. When you visit your ReStore you’ll also notice a very well stocked bicycle shop. These bikes come re-furbished from the kids at 7 Hills School in Nevada City and all proceeds from bike sales are split with the school; a true “win-win-win.”

Another often used nickname for us is the “Up cyclers Inspiration.” We are developing quite a clientele that love to visit our “Up cyclers Inspiration Corner” to get ideas of how ordinary trash can be converted to priceless treasures.

So to find out what’s new at your ReStore come visit us Tuesday through Saturday between 9am and 6 pm at 12359 Loma Rica Dr Grass Valley.
Call us at 530-274-3761 or visit us on the web.